Obitelj GREGO

tel: 020.719.001

gsm: 091.7645.653

Viganj 83, 20267 Viganj


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Everyone comes to vacation in order to relax, experience the ambience, enjoy the quiet atmosphere away from the stress of everyday life. Apartments GREGO provides just such an atmosphere. They are located in Viganj on Montun by the sea. Located in a beautiful garden that is sunlit and decorated with gorgeous plants you can relax with a glass of wine and enjoy from sunrise to sunset.

Our apartments are equipped with all the utilities that make your stay comfortable and you can totally devote to your time and new experiences. Sea is in front of the house and you can relax and swim all day. The beach is maintained and clean, with a small bays which are ideal if you have small children who are just starting to learn how to swim. Parking is available in front of the house in the shade and is free of charge.

In Viganj windsurfers come every year. If you’re one of them in our garden is a private locker for sails, boards and kites, where they can be contained and stored safely without charge. The garden is sheltered from view and you can also leave all your beach equipment, bicycles or toys for children throughout entire stay.

Would you like to relax with a barbecue, have a private dinner or organize another activity that will make your stay unforgettable – all this you can experience in “Apartments  GREGO”. Our wish is to make your stay more enjoyable and more beautiful. Many years of experience and the guests who return each year proves that we have succeeded in this effort.

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