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On the western part of the southern coast of Peljesac peninsula, known for excellent wines, there is a nice destination, Viganj, that is at the same time a harbor for small boats and a perfect destination for a quiet family holiday and water sports enthusiasts. Viganj lies in a spacious bay, west of the cape of Liberan. Peljesac peninsula is connected to the mainland by daily fairy lines, as well as by road via Ston. Thanks to fertile land and plenty of sunshine, the inhabitants of Peljesac have lived off of wine, olive, fruit and vegetable growing for centuries. Therefore, if you decide to visit the peninsula, you will always be served delicious homegrown dried figs and excellent oil. Facing the south and sheltered from northern winds by Sveti Ilija Mountain, Viganj is frequently visited by hikers and mountaineers and many others due to its warm climate, large pebble beach, rich vegetation and shade given by pine and olive trees, as well as its botanical garden. Viganj is ideal for surfing, sailing and other water sports enthusiasts due to favorable winds and waves.

The remains of flint and other archaeological artifacts indicate that the Viganj and Nakovana was inhabited in the Neolithic. Probably it was the same group of people who lived in Nakovana and periodically went down to the sea in search of food. During ancient times Nakovana with Iliyrian settlement on a hilltop “Grad” (town) dominated this entire area, controlling the maritime routes. Due to better control of channel Illyrians from Nakovana built many fortified guardhouses on the mountain peaks above Viganj, and in the narrowest part of the Pelješac Channel, Cape St. John. Along whit those guardhouses, the number of piles in Montun (part of Viganj/ montun = pile) area, and tombs from the same period in the area of Dol and Bililo (parts of Viganj), as well as debris of caramics show that already somewhere in the V.century BC. Viganj existed as permanent settlement of local Illyrians. (data used from official  portal  www.viganj.org).

At Viganj you can drink good wine, eat high quality fish and relax beside the crystal clear waters. Viganj delight its guests with warm climate, large pebble beach, lush vegetation and the shade of pine trees and olive groves. Lovers of surfing, sailing and other water sports enthusiasts knows that wind always blows here creating favorable winds blow fair, uniformed and long waves. The locals are kind, hospitable and we will tell you some of the colorful stories from the past or from our travels over the world.

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