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Sport activity

Viganj a specific place and European destinations Windusrf and Kitesurf. Surfing in Viganj has a tradition of 30 years and every year comes more and more lovers of this sport. There are various schools for beginners, coaches for the development of skills and surf routs for advanced sailors. If you do not have the equipment, you can always hire sail or kite for you, your family and friends and you can start sailing now. Every year is a championship race in the windsurfing at Viganj. Windsurfing is ideal for people who are lovers of nature because they do not pollute the environment. Therefore, if you have not sailed so far, maybe it’s just visit to Viganj opportunity to enjoy this sport and develop new skills.

Cycling, recreational or mountain, there are lots of fans to guests coming to rest in Viganj. Guests rides bicycles everywhere: on the beach, to shops or to the tavern. Such a way of moving is combination of practicality and pleasure. You can freely relax with friends in a restaurant or tavern without fear and happy return back into “Apartments GREGO” Given the security Viganj as a place, your property is safe and you can still park your bike where you want. If you’re in love with mountain biking, the slopes of Sv. Elias are ideal for you. There are miles of semi-equipped and well-kept trails that you can use to enjoy this sport. You can get information at the tourist office and find a local guide on mountain trails to experience the mountain in full.

Hiking and trekking is a challenge for the guests who come to Viganj. There are only few places in Dalmatia, where you can hike up the mountain and when take off mountain gear take swim in the sea – the same day. Visit the Mountaineering Club in Orebic, find out more about the trails and look for a guide to the mountain. ST. Elijah is a wonderful experience, a view for miles around, you’ll remember for life.

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